Press History


Production of the strip joiner began in 1964 as a direct result of a request by the president of Pre-Finish Metals, Inc. of Elk Grove Village, Illinois. At that time, we were buying pre-coated steel coils from them for use in our building panels. He came to us with the need for a joining system in their coil coating line. We then designed and made the first joiner and shipped it to their plant for testing. The results were so satisfactory that production of the joiner continued on from that date.

image description First Behlen Joiner

The first machines were made with a "fold-over" tab type (SJ style) stitch which was suitable for most mild steel and soft aluminum applications. The first 5 machines were 48" models and were shipped to destinations in the USA. The sixth machine was also a 48" model and was our first press placed outside the USA in Ontario, Canada. We produced a total of 43 joiners of the SJ style. The last of these was a 60" model and shipped in August of 1971.

In early 1967, we started getting requests to join materials such as "full hard" temper aluminum, copper, brass and hard steels. Since the folded tabs would break off in these materials, the "slip-lock" (WRSJ type) of stitching die was developed and is still being produced and sold today. The first WRSJ type machine was a 72" model and shipped in August of 1967. In October of 1971, we produced our first double row stitcher in a 48" model.

In July of 1993, we produced and shipped our first Arrow style joiner (APSJ type). It was a 78" model. This style punch provides a "slip-lock" splice that has almost twice the strength of the WRSJ style. It is also a more durable punch design for use in joining materials in excess of .080" in thickness or harder coils.

Behlen Mfg. Co. is a proven quality leader in strip joining with more than 800 presses installed in over 54 countries worldwide.