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Design Options

Self-locking Standard (Wr) Design - Single And Double Row Models Available

This style of stitch has four point locking, providing approximately twice the strength of the standard design.

This stitch is shift locked in the same manner as the standard design, but will lock only in one direction. Therefore, with this design the leading edge must always be on top or always be on bottom in order to work.

Ideal for operations which are joining thin materials or a range of thicknesses which include thin materials. In addition, this stitch is preferred in operations where the "tab" created in the standard design would create roller or material damage if it were to break off.


Self-locking Standard (Wr) Design - Single And Double Row Models Available

This stitch has two point locking. Tension must be applied after making the stitch in order to shift lock it into position and prevent the material from coming apart. The stitch will lock if pulled from either direction.

Ideal for operations joining materials up to .1" (2.5mm) where the extra strength of the arrow design is not needed.



Straight Sided Design - Single Row Models Available

This design is not self-locking and requires that a precut strip or rod be inserted through the row of stitches to obtain a holding stitch.






Other Stitch Options Include:

Single row standard or a double row option may be used with thin or low tensile strength metals to increase joint strength if line tension is greater than a single row of stitches 

15T Punch arrangement is used with increased material thicknesses and material tensile strength


225T Punch arrangement is used on materials with very high tensile strengths and thicknesses


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