Behlen Mfg. Co.


Behlen Standard Drive Joiner

The simple robust drive that we have used for over 50 years!  Only electric power is required to operate the Standard Joiner.

A single motor drives dual pumps to operate the joiner.

  • When the stitching cycle is initiated, the motor drive pumps the pump oil into the cylinders and the die closes.
  • Through precise position sensing, the electric motor is reversed and the pumps now pump oil out of the cylinders. This reverses the direction of the RAM opening the die.

Advantages of the Standard Drive Joiner:

  • Simple time proven design
  • The drive has very few basic parts; a motor and two pumps
  • This motor only runs while the stitch is being made. The rest of the time it is off and consumes no energy
  • The drive is easy to understand and operate
  • A dual shaft NEMA motor is used
  • A PLC interface is available
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