Behlen Mfg. Co.


Behlen Valve Operated Joiner

Single motor and pump with valves to operate the press.

Hydraulic valve circuit has three positions:

  • Loop position, oil is circulated from reservoir through the pump and back to reservoir
  • Close position, oil is directed to the cylinders to close the press
  • Open position, oil is pumped out of the cyclinders back to the reservoir

Advantages of the Valve Operated Joiner:

  • Electrical demands are reduced
    • Inrush current during plug reversing is eliminated
    • Amperage peaks are reduced
    • Load to the motor starter is reduced
  • A soft start can be used for the first few seconds of the cycle
  • A standard NEMA or IEC motors are used
  • Smaller breakers and line wires can be utilized
  • The press can be jogged without adding stress to the motor
  • A timer shuts the motor off a few seconds after the stitich is made, thereby reducing energy use
  • A PLC interface is available
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